Why Choose Us for LED Display Boards in Nepal?

We, “Inquiry Media, a LED Display Boards Manufacturer in Nepal and Non-Digital Display Boards Manufacturer in Nepal” were established in “2017” AD, with the aim to digitalize the advertising sector of Nepal and we are currently very successful to reach our goal which makes us proud and motivated to work better. It has been more than 4 years experience of us, working on this field and more than 500 clients have trusted us in LED Boards Sectors since 2017 and would rate us excellent. We with the motto, “Complete Signage & Advertising Solution in Nepal” work in most digital boards manufacturing fields, signage boards manufacturing fields and local led board advertising sectors. Not only with the LEDs, we also work in “Brass Letter Signage“, “Steel 3D Signage“, “Highway Hoarding Boards“, “Backlit Signage Boards“, “2D/3D Signage“, “Gold Letter Boards“, etc. fields. In these fields, we have completed over 5000 successful projects since 2017. We work for LED Display Boards in Nepal and even non-LED Display Boards in Nepal. We are ready to introduce any kind of new digital/non-digital solutions into Nepal anytime and are also doing bunch of researches to introduce new trends in Nepal.

We (like any other sellers) also provide 24×7 Priority Phone Call Support. If you are stuck while configuring or using Digital Boards, then we also have bunch of awesome, helpful and well prepared tutorials. We also provide Warranties for our products. We also provide Full Software/Hardware Training before you start using the LED Display Boards which is possibly rarest among any of other sellers. We respect all of our clients and are ready to serve anytime they want service from us. We are specially known for Super Fast Support, 100% Authentic/Genuine Products, Super Fast Delivery, Co-operative Staffs, Expertise in this field, Quality Products at lowest possible price ever.

If you want your business to skyrocket through digital/non-digital boards, then you shall contact us with your awesome idea in order to make it alive.

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Visit Us: Inquiry Nepal HQ, Ekta Marga, New-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
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LED Display Boards in Nepal

Why Choose Us for LED Display Boards in Nepal?

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